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Program Management

  • Managed portfolio of Tran-SET research projects:

    • 35 projects, $4,525,000 annually (avg. of past 2 funding cycles)​

  • Developed all management processes for Tran-SET, including:

    • Procedures to obtain quality and timely project deliverables​ (including a PI performance assessment system);

    • Center-level performance metrics (procedures to collect, monitor, and report metrics);

    • Center-level technology transfer (T2) plan; and

    • Center-level communications plan.

Tran-SET is Region 6's University Transportation Center. It is a collaborative partnership between 11 institutions across 5 states. Tran-SET is led by Louisiana State University. It was established in late-November 2016.

  • Managed portfolio of FHWA research projects:

    • 6 projects, totaling $3,615,000

  • Led the development of FHWA's analysis, modeling, and simulation research roadmap (vision/goals/objectives)

  • Managed 1 FHWA-led Transportation Pooled Fund Study:

    • "Traffic Analysis and Simulation", TPF-5(176), completed 3 projects, 1 on-going, $375,000 annually (avg. of past 2 years), 13 state DOTs

  • Part of internal task force to implement and update the Tactical Implementation Plan for the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center

Project Management

  • Principal Investigator (PI) on 2 USDOT research projects:

    • Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation (AMS) Case Studies on Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Implementations Specific to the South-Central Region | $90,000​

    • Investigating the Impacts of Truck Platooning on Transportation Infrastructure in the South-Central Region |  $365,894

  • Government Task Manager on 4 FHWA projects:

    • Developing Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation (AMS) Tools for Connected Automated Vehicle (CAV) Applications | ​$1,100,000

    • Hardware in the Loop Testing of Connected Automated Vehicle Applications | $600,000

    • Development of an Analysis-Modeling-Simulation (AMS) Framework for V2I and Connected and Automated Vehicle Environment | $375,000

    • Development of a Transportation System Simulation Manaual (TSSM) | $490,000

  • Contracting Officer's Representative on 2 FHWA projects:

    • Developing the FHWA Driver Model Software for Practical Application | ​$435,000

    • Moving FHWA Work Zone Driver Model Towards Practical Application | $630,000

Experience includes: Project Conception, Project Integration, Project Procurement, Scope Development, Project Management (Cost, Quality, Risk), and Effective Project Communication

You can learn more about each individual research project and my involvement at the link below:

Technology Transfer (T2)

  • Established and facilitated Tran-SET's technology transfer (T2) processes:

    • Developed center-wide T2 plan​;

    • Developed template/process for project-level T2 plans; and

    • Developed process and facilitated project-level technology readiness level (TRL) assessments.

  • Established and organized the Joint Tran-SET Webinar Series​:

    • Webinar series jointly hosted by rotating research centers to strengthen collaboration, coordination, and engagement with research and practitioner communities​

Schematic of Tran-SET's technology transfer (T2) process. Showcases the main principles of: (1) describing the problem, (2) describing the proposed solution, (3) identifying stakeholder groups, (4) analyzing stakeholder alignment and interest, (5) organizing communication tracking for stakeholder groups, (6) developing initial engagement plan and engaging potential adopters, (7) identifying resources to engage stakeholders, (8) identifying and addressing barriers to adoption, (9) establishing MOUs with early adopters and research sponsors, and (10) measuring T2 performance.

Workforce Development

  • Co-founded and Chair of SimCap Louisiana

    • Network of professionals with the aim to support, promote, and improve best practices in the application of traffic simulation and capacity analysis

SimCap Louisiana is a volunteer network of professionals, working across geographic and organizational boundaries, who have organized together to enhance the practice of traffic simulation and capacity analysis. Our Mission is to share information and experiences as to disseminate, promote, and develop guidelines and best practices in the application of traffic simulation and capacity analysis tools, methods, and related practice areas.

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